February 2018

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To make a difference

Everyone hopes s/he does some good in the world. I received this entry in my guestbook, on my website, this morning. I am posting this because I don't ever want to forget this. Included is my reply:

From my Bravenet Guestbook:
October 6th 2014 01:07:18 AM
What is your name? Shaylyn
Where are you from? Canada
Please enter your comments:


I am a 19 year old Canadian girl who found your website by accident when I was first learning to use the internet as a child.

At the time I was a big fan of the Animal Crossing series (I still am) and somehow stumbled upon your Animal Crossing diaries. Your website quickly became a favourite of mine, and as a little girl, I greatly enjoyed reading about your adventures with stuffed animals and travelling and video games as those were things that I enjoyed as well. Knowing that there existed adults in the world who could freely collect fuzzy friends and play video games without worrying about being seen as childish had a huge influence on me growing up, and I became much more open about my interests in such things as a result. Yet somehow I lost track of your page as I got older, despite the lingering influence it had.

I am now a university student who proudly collects toys and plays Animal Crossing: New Leaf almost daily. Tonight I unexpectedly began to feel nostalgic for your journal, but after a bit of searching I once again managed to find you. I am happy to say that your website is just as sweet and comforting as I remember from my childhood. :)

I hope this doesn't seem too strange or creepy. I've refrained from including my email or blog - I don't want you to feel as though you are required to respond in any way. All the same, I wanted to thank you. I suppose you probably never expected your musings and photos to affect anyone, as most people don't, but this is me saying that you've definitely improved the life of at least one young girl out there.

You may not even read this, I suppose, as you now seem to use other social networking platforms instead. It seemed like the easiest way to possibly reach out to you though as I don't use many of the other sites you're on.

In short, thank you for your lovely website and I hope you continue to lead a lovely life.

CountryMouse (Joanna) says:

Thank you so much for leaving me this entry. You won't believe how much you have warmed my heart! I wish that you *had* left your email address or something, but I hope you see this instead. I still do collect stuffed animals and play video games and all those things. Sometimes they get sidelined by other hobbies, but never forgotten. Thank you again. One always hopes to make a difference in the world, even if in a minute way. You've made me very happy.


*big smiles* What a sweet message!

Hope you and yours are well.
Isn't it? :-)

Pretty well, thanks. I need to check your journal! I hope all is well with you-all too! :-)