February 2018

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[info]ranko wrote
on July 9th, 2014 at 03:12 pm

The test of any religious system is whether or not it lives by the principle that seems to underlie any true spiritual system. Does it live by this principle: Does it try to really help people, or does it involve the control of people?

An ye harm none, do what you will. (Wicca). Do unto others what you would have them do unto you. (Christianity).

What is our purpose in existence? That can be summed up in two words:
help others.

That's it. That's how simple it is. Now, look at the history of the major spiritual systems. Do they live by that principle?

Islam: Do back in history and you'll find a lot of violence and taking over other places against their will. Today's Islamic extremists live by the principle of killing anyone who isn't Islamic and thinks just like them.

Christianity: Again, a long history of wars and violence, plus the witchcraft craze in which 50,000 or more died by fire or by hanging just because some one else in that religion thought they were too different

Shinto: At one time it was peaceful, but during World War II it was taken over by the state to serve the militarists and to raise hatred against anyone not-Japanese.

One can continue with these types of examples. The point is that "what if they're right?" doesn't apply because by their own actions these religions have proven they are right; their histories are steeped in blood. Even today Muslim extremists kill innocents. The Jews and the Palestinians are constantly trying to kill each other. Religion is about control, especially control of women and their sexuality.

They are not right. They cannot be right, or any God that exists would be a truly violent monster who loves death and total control.

Just because a lot of people think something is right does not make it so. If that were true, then slavery would still exist. The South would have won the Civil War. And so on.

What is "right" is what works for the individual as long as by doing what they believe is "right" they are not consciously harming others.

The level of hate and intolerance has grown in this country, and neither is "right", yet both are reflected strongly in religious extremism and in political extremism.

Believe and practice as ye will, as long as ye do not consciously harm others.

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