February 2018

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What Facebook is, etc.

Yep, I think I've figured out what Facebook is: it's a long-winded Twitter. It's just about as ephemeral as Twitter is (except you can't get out of Facebook no matter what you do). It's not a substitute for blogging or any kind of daybook. It seems to be a way to connect with people you used to know, know now, wish you didn't know, etc. So weird. I like better on Twitter that you just "follow" people--there are no weird attachments of friending people that aren't remotely even your acquaintances. So if you want to stop following someone, it doesn't need to carry any emotional baggage (or shouldn't). But I still like LiveJournal and its clones. It's blogging/diary-like, yet a community too. WITH communities (groups).

(x-posted from Facebook)


Hmm. That's a great way of looking at things!

Since I don't have that many IRL friends and a small family that keeps dwindling and school friends I'd really rather not make contact with, plus I don't use my real name online anyway, Facebook doesn't do a lot for me. They *do* have some good private groups I joined (*SMASHbooks, ukulele interests, tarot).

Twitter is almost more a news service for me. I follow a LOT of weather folks. My feed blows up every time we have severe weather. :-p I like the immediacy of Twitter.

So I guess I need to think out what I want from the various places I hang out. I really like the way you think about this. :-)